Taking Precautions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important stage that comes in the life of every woman, where they expect to give birth to a bonny baby. The child that is born is sure to offer the parents all the pleasure and take their expectations to a different level. At this period, the parents need to be very careful that the environment should be cheering and happy and not the other way around. Also, it is very much important for every woman to understand how to take precautions during pregnancy, so that no harm befalls the newborn baby.

There are various things, which are better avoided by the individual during the time of pregnancy.

One of the most important things for the individual is to be cheerful and happy throughout. They should not take any unnecessary tension or worry. Also, the entire family should cooperate during this time and help the would-be mother to be away from all issues.

The individual needs to avoid several substances such as nicotine and alcohol, with might prove to be poisonous for the baby. As a matter of fact, they should say a strict no to smoking. Smoking is said to be the main cause for premature birth, low birth-weight and miscarriage. It also increases the possibility of the child developing health related issues such as asthma, at a later stage.

Some individuals are strongly addicted to alcohol. Pregnant mothers need to understand the fact that by consuming alcohol, the baby is exposed to risk of getting birth defects, developmental deficiencies and infant mortality. The babies of mothers, who are known to drink alcohol regularly, might suffer from a permanent intellectual and physical damage, a condition that is commonly called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. By choosing to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, would rather be a wise decision taken by the expecting mother and give birth to a healthy baby.

Another important thing that every pregnant woman should take adequate care of is to exercise great caution, while consuming medication. They should also abstain from taking general drugs for headaches and painkillers or even acne medication, as it is known to be linked to several birth abnormalities. Even prescription drugs should be taken with proper care and according to the direction of a qualified physician.

The pregnant women should make sure that she visits the health care physician from time to time and as scheduled. Not a single visit should be missed, since the experts take tests of the individual and ensure that everything is under control. However, for visiting the physicians, they should take the assistance of someone responsible, who would take care of them during transit. With all precautions adequately taken, the pregnant women can enjoy the pregnancy period and give birth to a child that is hale and hearty.

Advantages of Brisk Walking Everyday

Brisk Walking is one of the most beneficial techniques of remaining fit and healthy. It is also known as speed walking. In brisk walking, the person walks at a very high speed and quickly in order to increase and strengthen the heart rate as well as reduce weight. It is very essential to practice brisk walking very carefully. The person should not pace up the speed at the very first day. Initially, the person should brisk walk for ten minutes and then slowly and gradually increase his/her timing between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. This helps in preventing the person from unnatural pain, sprains and stress in the body parts.

Advantages of Brisk Walking

Brisk walking is indeed very beneficial if it is done on a daily basis. It starts showing results in a period of minimum three months. But the person should mandatorily do it daily. The following are the ten advantages of brisk walking:

Strengthen your heart: Increased cholesterol is an evil element for our heart. It is very essential for a person to keep his cholesterol levels in control in order to lead a healthy life. Brisk walking helps the person to reduce and control cholesterol levels which in turn increase blood circulation in the body. 

No chance of diabetes and hypertension: Blood pressure and body mass index are two main things which need to be in control of a person. Walking is one of the best ways of keeping the blood pressure and BMI of body level in control in order to curb possibilities of diabetes and hypertension.

Save from Miscarriages: Walking is one of the prescribed and suggested activities during pregnancy. As and when the time crosses, the body faces difference changes. The body can face fatigue, boredom, tiredness, etc… as and when times passes by. Hence, walking helps in facing these changes in body and build up energy levels. Walking also prevents the women from unforeseen circumstances like abortions and miscarriages.

Boost up sex life: Brisk walking boosts the blood circulation levels in the body. It strengthens the potency levels in body. This helps in increasing and boosting the sexual life thus lowering upon chances of taking medicines for making love. 

Freshen up mind: Brisk walking helps in relieving toxins from mind. This in a way refreshes the mind from stress and depression. 

Shed those extra kilos: Now shedding kilos is all the more easy with the help of brisk walking. Brisk walking burns calories which help in reducing the extra kilos of weight from body.

Progress brain and mind power: The brain gets oxygen with the help of increasing blood circulation. It thus increases memory power.

Long life: Brisk walking blesses the person with a very long life. Daily regime of 30 minutes of brisk walking adds years to your life and makes heart healthy. 

Reduce risk of cancer: Walking increases blood flow in body which reduces possibilities of cancer in body. 

Makes a man positive: Walking adds positivity in the mind and soul of a person. It helps in making life better and better with time.

Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease

The Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease or AIED is an autoimmune disease which occurs when the body immune system attacks the cells of the inner ear and mistaken for a type of virus, thus causing inflammation. In this condition the hearing capability of the person is affected and this is a very rare condition. Earlier it was stated that the ear cannot be attacked by the immune system but the inner ear responds to the sensitized cells which enters the cochlea from the circulatory system causing hearing issue. Proper tests need to be conducted for confirming the disease the main thing depends on the potential response of a person to drug given so the diagnosis is made properly.


AIED is caused by either the immune cells or the antibodies which damages the inner ear. AIED is related to many autoimmune disorders like, usage of opiate-based painkillers like OxyContin which can cause damage to the inner year and result in hearing loss. The AIED is also related to Cross-reactions, bystander damage and genetic factors. Damage progression and functional loss accelerate during this condition.

Signs and Symptoms

Hearing loss is the main inner ear effect because of autoimmune issues. Sometimes, the vestibular system is also attacked. Speed of vestibular loss, the degree or level of the loss, one side or both sides affected, thus the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder are similar to that of vestibular disorders. The symptoms are most clearly found in women rather than in men and children. The disorder differs from different vestibular disorders as the treatment is successful if given early in a great way.


An autoimmune reaction creates debris. The debris is transported from certain places and accumulated by the circulation. This debris causes issues in the ear. Diagnosing the autoimmune inner ear disease is difficult to diagnose and a physician needs to be well trained in diagnosing this condition. Sometimes, the vestibular system is also attacked of the ear and the physician must be aware of that as well. There are gaps in the treatment and diagnosis of this disease. The diagnosis is established when a proper response is given to the drug. It is also difficult to diagnose the condition with the help of tests. Tests like 68-kD antigen have to be performed which are very uncommon and expensive. Early diagnosis can help in reversing the damage and halting the progress of this disease.


Drugs to reduce the immune function are given to the patients. The initial treatment given to patients for Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease is prednisone, anti-transplant rejection drugs, methotrexate and steroids where the methotrexate is a chemical agent. Patients are also given hearing aids, which is quite beneficial to them. A cochlear implant is done if the hearing loss is not able to be treated and a person is showing no response to the drugs.


Side effects of the medicines should be watched properly so the treatment is safe and results are good. If the diagnosis is done on time, the treatment can be more beneficial.

There are many types of medicines that may be used in specific types of autoimmune diseases. While some treatments aim at relieving symptoms like pain and inflammation, others target the disease process. Unfortunately, adding to extreme hazards and medical anxiety, some autoimmune diseases like thyroiditis and diabetes make the manufacture of vital components in the form of hormones conducive to the human body difficult. Relaxingly enough, some agents introduced by the developed medical ventures, like, anti-TNF medications are used in autoimmune arthritis and psoriasis. Apart from medications, there are several lifestyle changes that may be adopted along with the treatment of autoimmune diseases. These include eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy body weight, getting adequate rest, reducing stress, etc.

Low Vision

Amongst known eye disorders Low Vision is one of the most severe eye disorders. This type of a disorder cannot be rectified. Any kind of treatment provided in the form of surgery or any prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses cannot help the situation to get any better. However it does not make the patient completely blind sighted. The person suffering through does have some percentage of sight. With the help of vision aids such as magnifying glasses, this kind of a disorder can be treated.

There are different levels in Low Vision which a person might suffer through. The levels range from some blind spots in the vision path to complete blindness. The most commonly known variants of Low Vision are as follows:

Night Blindness

Hazy Vision Blurred Vision

Central Vision Loss

Peripheral i.e. either sides vision loss

The above mentioned types are the major sub-categories of this disorder.


There are several reasons which cause this disorder amongst people. Some reasons are associated with injuries while some are associated with natural ageing. Diabetes can also be counted as one of the major factors responsible for causing this disorder to occur. Other reasons such as eye cancer, stroke, brain injury, and albinism can lead to Low Vision. Already suffering from a disorder like the ones mentioned above or inclined to suffer in future then you are prone to this kind of eye disorder.

Signs and Symptoms

There are various signs and symptoms that indicate the occurrence or existence of this disorder. They are:

Inability in indentifying different colours

Difficulty to read any given text

Need to struggle to identify different objects

Inability to recognize different faces

No clarity of vision due to which viewing any signage or posts becomes difficult

These are some of the most prominent signs and symptoms of Low Vision which a person suffering may exhibit.


The diagnosis of this disorder can be performed by an eye specialist. Regular eye examinations is a must and hence one should have regular appointments fixed for such eye tests, especially when one faces problems in reading normal texts or travelling, working, watching TV, cooking , etc. The doctor will examine your eye by conducting a series of tests and making use of various equipments such as magnifiers, lighting, specialised charts to check your visibility and other essential details.


Selected Low Vision disorder can be cured such as diabetic retinopathy can be cured and the vision can reinstated. Otherwise, this disorder is not curable. Visual aid can thus be utilized by people suffering from this disorder. There are various equipments which can be used such as telescopic glasses, magnifying glasses, light filtering lenses, prisms meant for reading, etc under the optical aid category.

There are various other non-optical aids available for those suffering from this disorder. Various software for reading texts is available. People can also make use of specialized talking watches, high contrast watches, audio books, etc.


Only those patients suffering from Low Vision due to Diabetes can be safeguarded from such disorders while it can also be rectified for those who are suffering from cataract.

Diseases That Affect The Muscular System

The muscles in the body are classified as smooth, skeletal and cardiac and each has a different function. There are 650 muscles in the body and the human muscular system performs a lot of functions and is made of nerves, tendons, blood vessels and tissues. The role of the muscular system is to help in maintaining a good posture of the body, allows movement, helps in pumping blood to the organs, assists in daily functions like sitting, eating, standing, talking, etc. A few diseases are stated below that affect the muscular system.

Muscular dystrophy: The genes are responsible for this disease and it damages the fibers in muscles. A person suffering from this faces weakness, lack of coordination and mobility. 

Dermatomyositis: This is an inflammatory disorder of the muscles and the disease is triggered by bacterial, parasites and viral infections. The signs are rashes on face, elbows, chest, etc. in purple color. In this condition the muscle pain arises along with tenderness, weight loss and fatigue and the condition becomes worse with time.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: This muscle disease is also known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease,” which is a neurodegenerative disease that is progressive and it hampers the nerve cells of the brain. The voluntary movement of muscles becomes problematic in this condition and one cannot speak, swallow or breathe that ultimately results in paralysis and causes death. 

Fibromyalgia: This is a chronic disorder in muscles where one experiences pain in the muscles, fatigue, tenderness as well as stiffness. This disease is not easy to diagnose because the symptoms reflect other diseases as well.

Cerebral palsy: This is a muscle disease which hampers the balance, posture and motor functions. This is a common congenital disorder which damages the brain of child during or before the child is born causing problems in brain that makes it complicated to perform everyday activities.

Compartment Syndrome: When the pressure in the muscles becomes highly elevated, this muscle disease is caused. The syndrome is classified as chronic and acute where chronic syndrome is caused due to exercising which is not an emergency and in acute compartment syndrome one experiences tightness, muscle pain, tingling and numbness. 

Myotonia: After contraction and relaxation the muscles relax in a slow manner in this condition. In this disease a person experiences trouble while walking, siting, sleeping and even getting up. 

Myasthenia gravis: This is a chronic autoimmune disease which causes weakness in muscles and fatigue. Brain fail to control these muscles because of the breakdown in neuromuscular junction where breathing as well swallowing becomes a problematic task. 

Myofascial pain syndrome: This is a chronic muscle pain disorder where the sensitive points of the muscles are affected and one experiences aches, joint stiffness and burning sensation. Toxin injections, massage therapy and physical therapy is needed to treat this disease. 

Rhabdomyolysis: This is a condition in which there is rapid skeletal muscle destruction. In this condition the muscle fibers break into myoglobin which are carried away in urine and this leads to kidney failure.