Low Vision

Amongst known eye disorders Low Vision is one of the most severe eye disorders. This type of a disorder cannot be rectified. Any kind of treatment provided in the form of surgery or any prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses cannot help the situation to get any better. However it does not make the patient completely blind sighted. The person suffering through does have some percentage of sight. With the help of vision aids such as magnifying glasses, this kind of a disorder can be treated.

There are different levels in Low Vision which a person might suffer through. The levels range from some blind spots in the vision path to complete blindness. The most commonly known variants of Low Vision are as follows:

Night Blindness

Hazy VisionĀ Blurred Vision

Central Vision Loss

Peripheral i.e. either sides vision loss

The above mentioned types are the major sub-categories of this disorder.


There are several reasons which cause this disorder amongst people. Some reasons are associated with injuries while some are associated with natural ageing. Diabetes can also be counted as one of the major factors responsible for causing this disorder to occur. Other reasons such as eye cancer, stroke, brain injury, and albinism can lead to Low Vision. Already suffering from a disorder like the ones mentioned above or inclined to suffer in future then you are prone to this kind of eye disorder.

Signs and Symptoms

There are various signs and symptoms that indicate the occurrence or existence of this disorder. They are:

Inability in indentifying different colours

Difficulty to read any given text

Need to struggle to identify different objects

Inability to recognize different faces

No clarity of vision due to which viewing any signage or posts becomes difficult

These are some of the most prominent signs and symptoms of Low Vision which a person suffering may exhibit.


The diagnosis of this disorder can be performed by an eye specialist. Regular eye examinations is a must and hence one should have regular appointments fixed for such eye tests, especially when one faces problems in reading normal texts or travelling, working, watching TV, cooking , etc. The doctor will examine your eye by conducting a series of tests and making use of various equipments such as magnifiers, lighting, specialised charts to check your visibility and other essential details.


Selected Low Vision disorder can be cured such as diabetic retinopathy can be cured and the vision can reinstated. Otherwise, this disorder is not curable. Visual aid can thus be utilized by people suffering from this disorder. There are various equipments which can be used such as telescopic glasses, magnifying glasses, light filtering lenses, prisms meant for reading, etc under the optical aid category.

There are various other non-optical aids available for those suffering from this disorder. Various software for reading texts is available. People can also make use of specialized talking watches, high contrast watches, audio books, etc.


Only those patients suffering from Low Vision due to Diabetes can be safeguarded from such disorders while it can also be rectified for those who are suffering from cataract.